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Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018 
Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018

Shenandoah University will be nationally recognized for forward-thinking programs that produce competitive and purposeful graduates.

Shenandoah University will be highly valued for:

  • particular strength, both academically and institutionally, in the performing arts, healthcare and entrepreneurship
  • education that prepares students not only for the present but for the future
  • a commitment to intellectual and creative rigor and liberal arts infused curricula
  • a campus culture of compassion, responsibility, advocacy and justice which graduates are inspired to replicate in communities beyond Shenandoah
  • a sustainable educational and financial model within a changing educational market


Shenandoah University distinguishes itself by providing opportunities to gain knowledge and develop skills in a collaborative, personalized environment that intertwines professional and liberal learning. A Shenandoah education incorporates scholarship, experiential learning and sophisticated technologies, as well as practical wisdom.

As an institution affiliated with the United Methodist Church, Shenandoah University practices the highest ethical standards in its interactions with the community and with students of all faiths. Within a community of scholars, Shenandoah promotes the welfare of the whole person by fostering a nurturing environment in which students learn, grow and flourish.


Shenandoah University educates and inspires individuals to be critical, reflective thinkers; lifelong learners; and ethical, compassionate citizens who are committed to making responsible contributions within a community, a nation and the world.


Shenandoah University will be a strong leader of higher education, committed to educational excellence, creativity, and global citizenship. Shenandoah will value its outstanding integration of professional programs and liberal arts and further partnerships with other universities and organizations in order to shape and address the educational needs of society. Shenandoah will be a mid-sized comprehensive institution with a richly diverse population that believes in the continuing development of its faculty and professional staff to support an institution of its size and caliber. Shenandoah will offer a high-quality residential environment. Financially robust, Shenandoah’s growth will be both strategic and by design. Within a core context, Shenandoah will rely on its historical affiliation with the United Methodist Church to deepen its commitment to the development of a caring community that values the whole person, spiritual inquiry and student-centered education.

Shenandoah University’s Core Values:

• Development of an enduring passion for learning

• Commitment to self-reflection and personal development

• Respect for diverse cultures, experiences, and perspectives

• Celebration of creative performance, expression, teaching, and discovery

• Cultivation of leadership to advance positive change and growth

• Dedication to citizenship, professional services, and global outreach


 Shenandoah University values the unique and diverse perspectives of individuals and communities locally and globally and seeks to foster mutual understanding in an inviting community where individuals are welcome and respected. The university does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, physical or mental disability, veteran status or sexual orientation.

Reservation to Make Necessary Changes

This catalog is a source of general information and does not constitute an irrevocable contract between Shenandoah University and any person. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this catalog; however, Shenandoah University reserves the right to make necessary changes to the provisions and policies of this catalog at any time. All such changes are effective at such time as determined by Shenandoah University and may apply to all prospective and matriculated students. Every effort will be made to minimize the inconvenience such changes might create for students.

Shenandoah University’s Brand Platform

Positioning Statement

Shenandoah University is a private, coeducational school that blends the best of professional studies and the liberal arts and invites students to join a close-knit community rich in creative energy. We attract independent, curious and academically prepared students who seek a rigorous education and exceptional professional training. In our dynamic academic community, students:

  • connect with accomplished professors
  • engage in small, highly interactive classes
  • apply what they learn in a variety of experiences outside the classroom, and
  • expand their understanding and perspectives by being involved in global initiatives.

As a result, our graduates are empowered to help improve the human condition and are prepared to be principled professionals and leaders wherever they go.

Our Promise

Rich in creative energy and intellectual challenge

Brand Drivers (Key Messages)

  1. Accomplished professors who provide focused individual attention
  2. Small, highly interactive classes
  3. Exceptional opportunities beyond the classroom to gain experience and apply skills
  4. Innovative global initiatives that expand understanding and perspectives

Our Personality

Creative – Shenandoah University is a creatively charged environment where ideas, connections and inspiration are born from the university’s rich mix of programs, personalities, cultures and perspectives and a solution-oriented approach to problem solving is embraced.

High Energy – Shenandoah University’s faculty, staff and students are actively involved in the intellectual, creative and social life of the university. Our high energy approach to learning, activities and exploration infuse the campus with enthusiasm and a spirit of possibility.

Inviting – Faculty, staff and students at Shenandoah University cultivate collaboration and teamwork and create an inviting community where individuals with varying perspectives are welcome and respected.

Principled – Faculty, staff and students at Shenandoah University have a strong sense of personal responsibility. They believe in doing what’s right and in living meaningful lives.