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Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018 
Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Nursing, Transfer Track (B.S.)

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Lisa Levinson, Chair, Undergraduate Nursing Department
Health & Life Sciences Building, Office 155, (540) 678-4378,

Fall and Spring Entry

The BSN Transfer Track in Nursing at Shenandoah University is designed for students transferring to Shenandoah University and prepares the student with necessary skills and knowledge for an entry-level nursing position in a variety of settings. This track begins in the fall or spring semester and may be completed in five academic semesters. Students in the transfer track must have completed all prerequisites prior to admission.

Guidelines for Application and Admission

Fall Priority Consideration Deadline: June 1

Spring Priority Consideration Deadline: October 1

Shenandoah University reserves the right to stop accepting applications once the priority consideration deadlines have passed or all program seats have filled.

Applicants seeking admission to the BSN Transfer Track must meet the following guidelines:

  1. Meet all requirements for admission to Shenandoah University
  2. Submit official transcripts from all colleges and/or universities previously attended.
  3. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 in these four science courses:

Human Anatomy and Physiology I with lab Credit(s): 4 (Domain 4 )
Human Anatomy and Physiology II with lab Credit(s): 4 (Domain 4 )
Chemistry with lab Credit(s): 4 (Domain 4 )
Microbiology with lab Credit(s): 4 (Domain 4 )

  1. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 in these prerequisite/general education courses:

Medical Terminology Credit(s): 1
English Composition Credit(s): 3 (Domain 1 )
Public Speaking Credit(s): 3 (Domain 1 )
Statistics Credit(s): 3 (Domain 3 )
Introduction to Psychology Credit(s): 3 (Domain 6 )
Introduction to Sociology Credit(s): 3 (Domain 6 )

Courses that satisfy the following SU general education domains:

Artistic Expression Credit(s): 3 (Domain 2 )
Moral Reasoning Credit(s): 3 (Domain 5 )
The Individual in the World Credit(s): 3 (Domain 7 )
Free Electives Credit(s): 7
Total Prerequisite Credit(s): 48

  1. Completion of the Test for Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) with a minimum total score of 65 percent (score may be subject to change). Applicants may retake the exam one time only. TEAS testing is not required if applicant has an earned baccalaureate degree or higher.
  2. Non-Native English Speaking (NNES) applicants must submit official copies of Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores. Applicants should request official scores be sent to the Shenandoah University Undergraduate Admissions office; the SU code is 5613. More information about TOEFL can be found at The date of taking the TOEFL should not be more than 24 months prior to the date of enrollment. The minimum score acceptable for admission to the School of Nursing is 83 or higher for the Internet-based TOEFL. NOTE: applicants with successful completion of a higher education degree in the U.S. may not be required to take the TOEFL. Please consult with the Office of Admissions.
  3. Science Policy for School of Nursing: Effective for January 2016 admissions, a student enrolled in the university or under consideration for admission to the undergraduate nursing program may attempt no more than two science courses a maximum of two times each to be considered for matriculation into the School of Nursing. An attempt is any enrollment in a course that results in completion, withdrawal or an incomplete. Students currently enrolled in the university may repeat one science course originally taken at SU at an outside institution. Quality points for the repeat course will be used to calculate SON required science GPA. Pluses and minuses recorded on the student transcript are not included when calculating the science GPA. Science courses taken more than 10 years prior to matriculation are not considered because they must be repeated.
  4. Students are strongly advised to limit employment to 10-12 hours per week after admission and during the academic year.

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