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Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020 
Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Kinesiology Recreation (B.S.)

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Philip Liversedge, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology
Goodson Room 8, (540) 665-4791, pliverse@su.edu

The Kinesiology Department offers two Bachelor of Science degrees. Those who are pursuing a teaching degree will be required to complete the Professional Studies Certificate in Health and Physical Education PreK-12 and the Kinesiology Core courses. Completion of this program meets the professional studies required by the Virginia Department of Licensure Regulations for Health and Physical Education PreK-12 teachers. Students who choose the Recreation major will still be required to complete all courses for the Professional Studies Certificate in Health and Physical Education PreK-12 EXCEPT for student teaching. Those in Recreation will complete an internship in Recreational Leadership, a Seminar in Recreational Leadership
course, and a Facility Planning and Event Management course for their final semester. Students in this program will also meet the Kinesiology Core courses (listed below). Students who complete the Kinesiology Recreation major as shown in the semester course listings below may also complete the Coaching Certificate, as it is built into the sequence with the additional coaching courses listed. Kinesiology majors opting out of the Coaching Certificate need to replace those courses with electives as noted. 

Kinesiology Core Requirements: 

KIN 101 Credit(s) 1
KIN 106 Aerobics Credits(s) 1
KIN 191 First Aid, CPR, AED Credit(s) 1
EXSC 270 Structural Kinesiology Credit(s) 3
EXSC 280 Care and Treatment of Athletic Injuries 3
KIN 252 Personal and Community Health Credit(s) 3
EXSC 352 Sports Nutrition for Health and Performance Credit(s) 3
EXSC 384 Physiology of Exercise and Lab Credit(s) 4
EXSC 387 Principles of Strength and Conditioning and Lab Credit(s) 4
DA 260 Movement and Dance for Children Credit(s) 3
DAPE 393 Social Dance Styles Credit(s) 1
Sub Total - Kinesiology Core Requirements 26 credits
Prerequisites to EXSC 384:
BIO 231 Human Anatomy and Physiology I and Lab Credit(s) 4
BIO 232 Human Anatomy and Physiology II and Lab Credit(s) 4
Sub Total EXCS Prerequisites 8 credits

Kinesiology Recreation Requirements:
PSY 222 Lifespan Development Credit(s) 3
EDU 310 The Teaching Profession Credit(s) 3
KNS 262 Instructional Strategies for Team Sports Credit(s) 3
KNS 263 Instructional Strategies for Individual and Dual Sports Credit(s) 3
KNS 322 Motor Development Credit(s) 3
KNS 370 Measurement and Evaluation in PE and Sport Credit(s) 3
KNS 481 Adapted Physical Education Credit(s) 3
KNS 490 Physical Education Curriculum and Administration Credit(s) 3
Sub Total - Kinesiology Recreation Requirements 24

Materials and Methods Requirements:
* Those who desire acceptance into the Teacher Education program must pass PRAXIS Academic Core Math and VCLA or
all of the PRAXIS Academic Core prior to the methods courses (below) Students pursuing the Recreation degree may take the
following courses:
KNS 305 Materials and Methods in Teaching Elementary Health and Physical Education Credit(s) 4
KNS 306 Materials and Methods in Teaching Secondary Health and Physical Education (Credits) 4
KNS 308 Material and Methods in Teaching Health Credit(s) 3
RDG 425 Literacy in the Content Areas Credit(s) 3
Sub Total Methods and Materials 14

Internship Requirements:
2.5 overall GPA, 2.5 major GPA; and students must take the VCLA or Praxis II HPE
KIN 497 Seminar in Recreational Leadership Credit(s) 3
KINL 497 Internship in Recreational Leadership Credit(s) 6
KIN 495 Facility Planning and Event Management Credit(s) 3
Sub Total Internship 12

Kinesiology Recreation Program Total 84 credits

Additional Requirements for Kinesiology majors seeking the Coaching Certificate:
KIN 1xx Coaching Elective Credit (s) 1
EXSC 350 Sport and Exercise Psychology Credit(s) 3
KIN 477 Principles and Philosophy of Coaching Credit(s) 3
Total Coaching Certificate 7 credits

Program Total (Kinesiology Recreation and Coaching Certificate) 91 credits

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