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Graduate Catalog 2018-2019 
Graduate Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music Therapy (M.M.T.)

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Anthony Meadows, Associate Professor of Music
Ruebush Hall, Room 216; (540) 665-4583;

The Master of Music Therapy program develops reflexive, advanced-practice clinicians equipped with integrated clinical decision-making skills. As informed consumers of research, students design and implement practice-based research that advances the field.

Program Outcomes

Students completing the Master of Music Therapy degree will be able to:

  • work at an advanced level, with a wide range of clients, across various clinical settings;
  • demonstrate understanding of client needs from a variety of theoretical perspectives and clinical models;
  • practice music therapy with greater self-awareness, and engage in ongoing personal development; and
  • utilize the scholarly literature effectively, understand and conduct research, and produce scholarly writing, in music therapy.

Degree Requirements

The degree requirement is 34 credit hours and an overall grade point average of 3.0.

Course and Credit Requirements

Semester Total: 8 credits

Semester Total: 5 credits

First Year – Summer Semester

Semester Total: 2 credits

Second Year – Fall Semester

Semester Total: 6 credits

Second Year – Spring Semester

Semester Total: 6 credits

Subtotal: 27 credits

Electives: 7 credits

(Electives to be chosen in coordination with academic advisor according to student learning needs and interests.)

Comprehensive Examination - Pass/Fail

Total: 34 credits

+After initial registration in CONR 699 , the student must remain continuously registered for that course for at least one credit each fall and spring semester until the requirement is fulfilled. Summer registration is optional. Registration for CONR 699 is the responsibility of the student until the requirement is fulfilled or the student submits a written statement of withdrawal from the curriculum. The course may be repeated for credit, but a maximum of two credits may be used to fulfill degree requirements. Extra CONR credits may not be used as elective credits

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