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Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020 
Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ShenEd Courses


Communicative Literacy – Written

ENG 101


ENG 201

Advanced Essay


Communicative Literacy – Oral

AR/VR 202

Simulation for Role Play

MCOM 150

Principles of Public Speaking

MUED 130

The Musician Teacher

MUED 135

Foundations in Education of Music

MUTH 105

Introduction to Music Therapy

TH 113

Basic Acting for Non Majors I

*TH 101

Acting I

* This course is a disciplinary course substitution


Quantitative Literacy

MATH 100

Mathematical Thinking

MATH 102

Precalculus II

MATH 201

Calculus and Analytical Geometry

MATH 207

Introduction to Statistics

*BA 203

Information Systems & Analytics

* This course is a disciplinary course substitution




Creative Expression Sphere


ART 200

Art Appreciation

ENG 209

Writing About Literature

ENG 230

World Literature

ENG 263

British Literature I

ENG 264

British Literature II

ENG 283

American Literature I

ENG 284

American Literature II

ENG 287

African American Literature

MULT 277

Jazz History

MULT 271

Women in Music

MULT 273

History of Rock Music

MULT 275

Western Art Music Appreciation

*MUTC 101

Intro to Music Theory

TH 115

Intro to Theatrical Design

TH 245

Text and Context

TH 114

Intro to Theatrical Production

* This course is a disciplinary course substitution






Natural Science

BIO 111

Biology and Society

BIO 121

General Biology I

CHEM 105

Chemistry and Society

CHEM 121

General Chemistry I

CHEM 122

General Chemistry II

ES 101

Intro to Environmental Studies

ES 105

Field Natural History

GEO 101

Physical Geography

GEOL 201

Physical Geology

PHYS 103


PHYS 105

The Physical Universe

PHYS 111

College Physics I


Behavioral/Social Science

CJ 101

Intro to Criminal Justice

EC 211

Principles of Macroeconomics

EC 212

Principles of Microeconomics

MULT 211

Core Western Music History I

PALM 309

Foundations of Arts Management

PSCI 201

American Government

PSCI 202

State and Local Government

PSCI 204

Intro to International Politics

PSY 101

General Psychology

SOC 101

Intro to Sociology

SOC 210

Social Problems

SOC 295

Topics in Society and Culture





Navigating Difference Sphere


Ethical Reasoning

GWST 100

Gender Across Perspectives

MCOM 211

Media Ethics

*N 319

Ethics/Genomics Nurse Practice

PHIL 130

Intro to Medical Ethics

REL 101

Religion Outside of Religions

REL 203

Religious Diversity and Civic Cooperation

REL 202

Navigating Religious Diversity

REL 340

Religion and Ecology


Sex and Gender in Religion

SM 341

Sports Ethics

* This course is a disciplinary course substitution



Cultural Understanding

ASL 202

Intermediate American Sign Language

FR 202

Intermediate French II

GEO 202

Human Geography

GER 202

Intermediate German II

HIST 101

World Civilizations I

HIST 102

World Civilizations II

HIST 103

United States History I

MULT 212

Core Western Music History II

PSCI 103

Found Ideas Political Society

PSCI 209

Intro to Comparative Politics

REL 110

The Global Context of Christian Leadership

SPAN 202

Intermediate Spanish II

 TH 351

History of Theatre I

DA 271

History and Philosophy of Dance