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Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018 
Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Business Administration (B.B.A.)

General Business Administration Major

Brian Wigley, BBA Program Director and Associate Professor of Sport Management
Halpin-Harrison Hall, Room 137, (540) 665-4503, bwigley@su.edu


Four elements compose the 120 credit hour degree program*:

General Education Courses 30 hours
Non-Business Elective Courses 24 hours
Business Core Courses 42 hours
BBA Supporting Business Electives 24 hours
Total 120 hours

*A grade of “C-” or better is required of each Byrd School of Business (BA, EC, IST, SM) course counted toward a major, minor or certificate.

General Education Requirement

Students must conform to the general education requirements of the university that specify coursework over seven domains of knowledge. The following general education courses will be taken by all business students and will fulfill 18 of the required 30 hours of coursework. Students should work closely with their mentor to ensure they complete the general education requirements in a timely fashion.

Total: 30 credits

Non-Business Elective Courses

  • A course in either Sociology or Psychology Credit(s): 3
  • Other courses Credit(s): 21 (not BA, EC, IST, or SM)

Total: 24 credits

Total: 42 credits

BBA Supporting Electives

The BBA Supporting Electives consist of Business Administration (BA), Economics (EC) and/or Information Systems & Technologies (IST) courses out of which:

  • Minimum 18 credit hours are at the 300 or 400 level.
  • No more than 6 credit hours are at the 100- and 200-level in total.
  • At least one course is from the following restricted elective courses that satisfy the experiential learning requirement:


Alternatively, the experiential learning requirement can be met through participation in experiential learning activities approved in advance by the dean or the program director.

A BBA student in the General Business Administration Major can choose BBA supporting electives to concentrate in one or more of several business disciplines, subject to the availability of elective courses in those disciplines, or design an individualized program of study.

Total: 24 credits