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Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020 
Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Religious Diversity and Leadership in the Professions

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Religious Diversity and Leadership in the Professions Certificate Program

This twelve credit program will prepare students with the knowledge, skills and practical experience to navigate religious diversity, promoting cooperation in their professional lives. Whether working in private business, the public sector, health professions, media professions or performing arts, the ability to navigate religious diversity has become important to cooperating with colleagues, serving clients and developing relevant products. Bridging the academic study of religion and pre-professional education, this certificate program promotes students’ professional preparedness by giving students the resources to understand, problem-solve and communicate about conflicts that may arise from religious diversity as well as the opportunity to practically apply what they learn within their area of professional interest. The civically engaged courses in the certificate program will prepare students to build community partnerships with attention to religious diversity that can address community needs and promote civic collaboration.

Courses Required for the Certificate

      Course                  Title                                                                                         Credit Hours

      REL           202      Navigating Religious Diversity                                                3

      REL           203      Religious Diversity and Civic Cooperation                                    3


      Choose three credits relevant to the student’s professional area of study:         

      BA             453      Human Resource Management and Business Ethics             3

      CJ              323      Corrections                                                                                    3

      EDU          310      The Teaching Profession                                                              3

      EHP           101      HP Seminar I: Investigating the Health Professions                     1

      EHP           201      HP Seminar II: Navigating the Health Professions                       1

      EHP           301      HP Seminar III: Experiencing the Health Professions             1

      MCOM       211      Media Ethics                                                                                 3

      PH             202      Global Health                                                                                3

      PHIL          130      Introduction to Medical Ethics                                                       3


      Choose three credits relevant to the student’s professional area of study:         

      BA             498      Business Internship*                                                                     3

      CJ              401      Internship in Criminal Justice*                                                 3

      EDU          441      Student Teaching in the Middle and Secondary Schools*            3

      EDU          461      Student Teaching in Elementary and Middle and Schools*          3

      EXSC        430      Experiential Learning in Exercise Science*                                  3

      FILM          349      Religion and Film                                                                          3

      HP             317      Spirituality in Patient Care                                                             3

      MCOM       498      Field Internship*                                                                            3

      PH             490      Internship in Public Health*                                                           3

      REL           349      Religion and Film                                                                          3

      REL           497      Interreligious Internship*                                                               3


                                    Total                                                                                              12

* Require completion of a reflective assignment on the application of interreligious leadership in the internship setting

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